AB Care Brazil

Associação Beneficente Pro-Carente (ABCare), Sao Paulo, Brazil

Project Managers John Sooter and Denise Mendes

The purpose of Associação Beneficente Pro-Carente (ABCare) is to provide aid & relief to the residents of the Santa Isabela slum located near Kilometer 21 of Rodovia Raposo Tavares in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This comparatively small, yet very poor slum (or favela, as it is called in Portuguese) is located on the borders of three Sao Paulo municipalities and as such has often been neglected as far as any governmental help goes.

Short-term goals: Improve nutrition, healthcare, pregnancy & pre natal care, and quality of housing, etc.

Medium-term goals: Provide education, skills improvement, & employment opportunities.

Long-term goals: Character development & social inclusion activities to help residents break out of the mental & moral habits that bind them to slum life. read more…

“FCF’s mission is to enhance the quality of life for families and children, and the natural starting point is food aid.” –Larry Corley, Executive Director of Family Care Foundation (FCF)