Power of Love

Family Care Foundation project partner: Power of Love, Lusaka, Zambia

Advances in care and treatment have made HIV/AIDS a manageable disease. With proper nutrition, along with treatment of opportunistic infections and adherence to drug regimens, people can live almost normal lives, raising families and contributing to their communities.

Power of Love launched its Arm’s Reach Care (ARC) program in the Matero compound, a large sprawling slumin Lusaka, Zambia in 2004. The population of Matero is 175,000 and it is estimated that in Matero alone, there are 6000+ children infected and dying of HIV/AIDS. ARC is an innovative community care project focused on strengthening pediatric HIV/AIDS care provided in the home. This program creates a network of family care givers, community health workers, and nurses to provide HIV+ children high quality, lower cost care at home.

Since many of these households are headed by grandmothers or widows caring for 5 or more orphans, with no permanent income and struggling against odds to provide regular food or support to the family, POL launched a specially-tailored micro loans program to empower these women with the skills and opportunities to better care for their families.

Overall, this program has provided hundreds of loans to women caregivers of HIV+ children and has improved the lives of thousands of people in the community through better nutrition, health, school attendance and increased life expectancy. Most of the women entrepreneurs who have participated in this program have become financially independent and are now on the road to self-reliance. Read more