Family Care Foundation partner: Rescate, Monterrey Mexico

Rescate Project Managers Christina Oehler and Miguel Bouchan

Rescate is a group of faith missionaries who have been active in Monterrey, Mexico since January 2002. Their goal is the betterment of individuals lacking in physical, emotional, and spiritual support.

Their efforts include:

  • Food and Clothes Drives/Distribution
  • Assistance to local social institutions i.e. senior citizen homes, orphanages, rehabilitation centers, and hospitals.
  • Youth Counseling.
  • Motivational Classes.
  • Vocational Seminars for teenagers.    read more…

“The best possible measure of cost effectiveness in a humanitarian organization could be measured in actual lives saved! And food does save lives, plain and simple. In a typical year, FCF Partner Projects might deliver 11,000,000 pounds (5,000,000 kg) of food to needy recipients worldwide, as well as serve hundreds of thousands nutritious meals.” —Grant Montgomery, FCF Director of Programs