Family Care Foundation partner: Proyecto Refugio, Guadalajara, Mexico

Proyecto Refugio Project Manager Chrispin Seaman

Proyecto Refugio, A.C. (PRAC), established in 1995, is committed to bettering the conditions of people trapped in extreme poverty in the Guadalajara, Jalisco area of Mexico. In Jalisco—a state with a population of 7 million inhabitants—nearly 4 out of every 10 residents does not have access to adequate healthcare.

PRAC’s daily programs seek to address the acute needs in basic nutrition and healthcare for low-income families. Other programs sponsored by PRAC assist in achieving the longer term goals of helping build healthier, stronger families who are also economically independent. These programs include motivational seminars, parenting and marriage counseling, vocational skills training, and disease prevention through hygiene and nutrition education.

PRAC operates a number of free programs for the underprivileged, including a community feeding program, distribution of food packages for needy families, a clinic and dispensary providing basic medical, dental and psychological care, and a women’s empowerment program providing vocational skills training for women.

As part of its “Food and Good Health for a Better Future” initiative, PRAC has successfully operated a free kitchen for over a decade, at its community dining hall, “Comedor El Refugio.” It provides daily nutritious hot meals for on average 200 underprivileged children, senior citizens and women in crisis. It also provides food packages for the needy. Over 200 families receive supplies on a monthly basis, including fresh produce, dry goods, and proteins. Food supplies distributed averages over 2 tons of food per month. Read more